Landing Page Monkey Review

By Harry | Internet Marketing

Honestly the Only Review You Will Ever Need

Why Buy This

I was lucky enough to get review access to Landing Page Monkey. So is it all that its cracked up to be?

Lets Find Out Why

Firstly logging in you will be greeted with a very quick and to the point video explaining what you are getting and how to get support. You are made to feel at home almost right away. The dashboard is clean and easy to navigate. The bonuses that were promised are right there are the home page for you to access immediately.

Just quickly about the bonuses – you are getting Inbox Samurai and List Miner – two awesome bonuses to help you make the most out of the massive email list you are about to build thanks to Landing Page Monkey.

After all its one thing to get leads right, its another to engage and communicate and build relationships with those leads, and then the hardest part of monetizing them which very few can do successfully (until now that is).

Landing Page Monkey in all its glory is one part of the system, the amazing bonuses help make this package the only list building solution you will ever need.

So lets make our way through the dashboard.

I headed over to “Create Page” so that I could make my first Landing Page Monkey landing page (that’s quite a mouth full). It was so simple to create my first awesome landing page that I though to myself wow even a monkey good do this – I guess thats why its named accordingly.

The Create Page section only has 4 steps.

  • Step 1 – Page Styling
  • Step 2 – Page Content
  • Step 3 – Autoreponder Integration
  • Step 4 – Script Integration

So lets dive into each section – no worries I will hold your hand every step of the way and my demo video will help make sens of it all in case you start to feel overwhelemed or intimidated. Trust me this is not hard at all, that’s a promise I can make and stand by.

Step 1 – Page Styling

Page styling allows you to select the landing page background, whether you want a video background or just a still image. You can even select if you want the Box (content box with optin form) on the left or right of the page or in the middle. You also have 34 animation options for your content box like subtle animations (8 styles), Bouncing (5 styles), Fading (9 styles), Rotate (5 styles), Zoom (5 styles) and my favorite the Specials option with Warp Speed and Roll in options. You can even choose if you want to mute your video background and even direct link the call to action button to your offer or product. So no need to include an optin form if
you do not want to.

Step 2 – Page Content

In this section you can add a logo to your content box and optin form. Even embed a video which is great because you could if you wanted to use the same video as a background video with sound, but have the actual video embedded in the content box but set to still and not autoplay.

This is the first bit of awesomeness I discovered while playing around with the app for 6 hours. You can see an example here of a video I used that was trending in YoutTube today – this by the way took me less than 1 minute to create

You can see the full video playing in the background, you do not even have to go to YouTube to watch it, you can simply follow the call to action or go watch it on YouTube if you like where the call to action will be in the description area. Its almost impossible not to make a conversion.

The content section also allows you to determine where to place your video or image (either below the headline or above it). You will also setup the heading and call to action for your optin form in this section. This all sounds harder than it sounds, but you will see shortly in my demo video exactly how cool and easy not to mention super powerful this is.

Step 3 – Autoresponder Integration

This is straight forward and you can select from 4 options (Custom, Aweber, Mail Chimp, Get Response).

Step 4 – Script Integration

This section is for advanced users. It can be used to paste custom script codes such as Google Analytics. You can paste multiple script codes in this box. Code in this section will NOT however be active on links, only on pages you download yourself.

Preview and Your Pages Tab

What so cool is that at anytime you want you can preview your landing page. I found that after adding a background, or just doing the first step or adding a button color I would hit preview, it was exciting to see what I was creating and I couldnt wait. I am telling you this now, I got access early this morning and I have been playing with this ever since. Once you click save you are taken to Your Pages section, but first your Download / Export / Link / TrackPixel For Your L-Page pops up.

Now what is so damn cool about this is that you can actually download your landing page – you dont have to host it on the servers (you may want to though because they are super fast dedicated servers). You can download your landing page in HTML format – you can see an example here: I forgot to rename it, but its called CloneOf….. because yeah thats right you can clone your landing pages, saving you even more time. Being able to clone allows you to quickly create an exact copy of your landing page in case you wnat to maybe tweak the image, or background or call to action, great for split testing. You then can send traffic to both to see which one works best.

How will you know, well 2 ways. They give you a tracking pixel for your thankyou or confirmation page and if that wasn’t enough – your dashboard shows you your page name along with Impressions, Submits, Action%, TP hits and TP% – there is nothing left out here. At any given time you can even reset your stats, get your download links, or url – everything is just so damn easy, like I said a Monkey could do this.

Now the final and cool awesome thing about this web app – you can download the lpm files like I said which means you can import them too…. so why is this useful.

Well collaboration, you can sell your landing page designs if thats is something you want to get into. Perhaps you wnat to just deal with one landing page at a time.

You could then download your finished landing pages in .lpm format and then import then when you are ready to switch gears with your campaigns. Now that is cool!

Awesome Help Section

Any time you need some help, you have 11 Step by Step Videos to take you through the entire process. You also have 10 examples of Landing Page Monkey LP’s that you can draw inspiration from. There is absolutely no reason to panic or feel lost ok, these guys have the best support online today.

So overall and I guess you can tell from my review that I am super excited, this is awesome. I have built 10 LP’s already and in one hour, all related to CPA which I will share with you and by all means when i say share I mean give you the .lpm files as a bonus just for listenign to me and for picking up a copy of Landing Page Monkey from my link below.

About the Author

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