Ben Affleck and JLo buy an unexpected T-shirt while shopping

ben affleck and jlo buy an unexpected t shirt while shopping 189142

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are continuing their summer adventures, and this time, they were spotted indulging in some retail therapy in the Hamptons. The power couple paid a visit to the Flying Point Surf and Skate store in Southampton, New York, and left with a cheeky graphic T-shirt that read: “Woke Up Sexy As Hell Again.”

According to an insider, they were incredibly friendly towards the staff and seemed to be in high spirits that afternoon. As they exited the store, they exchanged smiles and strolled down the sidewalk, ready to make the most of the rest of their day together.

This Hamptons outing follows Jennifer’s recent 54th birthday celebration. In her On the JLo newsletter, the multi-talented artist shared some delightful moments from the joyous occasion. Ben hosted the party at their new house, surrounded by their closest family and friends. The festivities took place on a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a pool party. All the children were present, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

Expressing her gratitude, Jennifer wrote, “I felt incredibly loved and appreciated by my dear ones. I am extremely thankful to be in this wonderful stage of my life’s journey, surrounded by such beautiful and caring people. I wish all of you the same love and happiness on your birthday and always!”

The attached image captures a glimpse of JLo’s birthday bash, showcasing the radiant aura of the celebration.

Celebration after celebration

On July 17th, the world celebrated the remarkable union of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as they commemorated their first year of marriage. Their love story has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure, filled with a myriad of emotions. From their unforgettable romance in the early 2000s to their recent reignited flame, JLo and Ben have proven that love has the power to find its way back, even stronger than before.

To mark this momentous anniversary, the stars embarked on a delightful family lunch at the renowned Beverly Hills Hotel. Accompanied by their children, they embarked on a joyous outing, cruising in a timeless seafoam Ford Bronco jeep, embracing the warmth of the sun. The celebration continued at the iconic Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, where they reveled in the enchanting ambiance, cherishing their love and the journey they have embarked upon together.

A special song for Ben

The next day, Lopez made a bold move by revealing the heartfelt words of her newest track, titled “Midnight Journey to Sin City,” in an extraordinary release of her newsletter, aptly named “On the JLo.”

This captivating song pays tribute to the impromptu wedding they had in the exhilarating realm of Las Vegas. To convey her most genuine essence, a heartwarming video accompanies the post, showcasing Jennifer gracefully singing the lyrics without any makeup.

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