Ben Affleck buys hilarious ‘Woke Up Again Sexy As Hell Again’ T-shirt during afternoon stroll with…

ben affleck buys hilarious woke up again sexy as hell again t shirt during afternoon stroll with 426825

Ben Affleck showcased his playful side during a leisurely outing in the Hamptons with his wife Jennifer Lopez, where he spontaneously purchased a T-shirt that read, ‘Woke Up Again Sexy As Hell Again’.

The beloved celebrity couple made a pit stop at the Flying Point Surf And Skate shop, where the renowned Justice League actor stumbled upon the T-shirt adorned with a comical slogan. The shop owners expressed their gratitude on Instagram, sharing a photo of the 54-year-old star from Maid In Manhattan striking a pose with one of their employees. They captioned the post, ‘What a pleasant surprise! Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck paid us a visit today.’ Accompanied by a heart eyes emoji, they gleefully added, ‘They even picked out one of our favorite T-shirts!’

According to an insider quoted by People magazine, both Ben and Jen were incredibly amiable towards the staff and radiated happiness throughout the afternoon.

Funny guy: Ben Affleck, 50, showed off his sense of humor when he purchased a 'Woke Up Again Sexy As Hell Again' T-shirt during an afternoon outing in the Hamptons with wife Jennifer Lopez, 54; seen in March

Amusing individual: Ben Affleck, a man of 50 years, delighted everyone with his sharp wit as he strolled through the Hamptons alongside his wife, Jennifer Lopez, aged 54. Their afternoon escapade took an unexpected turn when Ben decided to acquire a ‘Woke Up Again Sexy As Hell Again’ T-shirt. This bold fashion choice surely added an extra dose of entertainment to their outing, showcasing Ben’s playful spirit. The duo was spotted in March, radiating joy and laughter as they enjoyed their time together.

Having a laugh: The A-list couple had stopped by the Flying Point Surf And Skate shop, which posted about the encounter and shared a stock photo of the shirt in question

Spreading joy: The famous duo paid a visit to the Flying Point Surf And Skate store, an event that was documented by the shop through a post and accompanied by a generic image of the shirt in discussion.

Down to earth diva: The Selena star happily posed with one of the employees as she shopped around with Ben during their Hamptons getaway

The humble diva: Selena, the famous actress, happily posed with a store employee while shopping in the Hamptons with Ben during their getaway. As they exited the store, they flashed smiles and continued their day along the sidewalk, as witnessed by a reliable source. The couple’s visit to the Hamptons followed Selena’s 54th birthday celebrations in July. Interestingly, their relationship began in 2002 when they starred together in the critically-panned film Gigli. However, their first engagement ended in 2004, causing disappointment among fans who had hoped for a grand ‘Bennifer’ wedding. Despite moving on to other relationships, Selena and Ben maintained a friendship throughout the years. It was during Selena’s birthday month in 2021 that they rekindled their romantic feelings for each other. Finally, on a fateful Saturday, July 16, 2022, in Vegas, they embraced a second engagement and tied the knot. Since then, this scorching couple has been going strong. Selena, the star of Marry Me, even delighted her millions of followers on Instagram with a shirtless photo of her husband on Father’s Day, accompanied by the caption, ‘Daddy Appreciation Post.’ Another Instagram reel showed the Mother star and her Daredevil husband attending the Grammys together, with Selena expressing her love in the caption, ‘Always the best time with my love, my husband.’ During her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in January, the Boy Next Door star humorously mentioned having some wedding ‘PTSD’ from their first attempt.

Couple goals: The pair were in the Hamptons celebrating the Jenny On The Block singer's birthday; seen in May

Couple goals: The pair were in the Hamptons celebrating the Jenny On The Block singer’s birthday; seen in May \n

Love is in the air: One of Hollywood's famous on and off again couples made things official in 2022 with a Vegas wedding; seen in June

Love was swirling in the atmosphere, as the timeless dance of romance unfolded once again in the glitzy world of Hollywood. The spotlight illuminated the journey of a renowned couple, as they embarked on a rollercoaster of emotions, weaving their tale of love and separation. However, in the glorious year of 2022, the stars aligned, and their hearts found solace in each other’s embrace. With a spontaneous burst of spontaneity, they ventured into the dazzling city of Las Vegas, where the enchanting aura of the desert oasis played witness to their vows. It was a magical moment, captured for eternity in the warm embrace of June.

Golden girl: The Batman Vs. Superman star supported his wife at the 65th Grammy Awards; seen in February

Radiant beauty: The superstar from Batman Vs. Superman stood by his wife’s side at the glamorous 65th Grammy Awards, a moment captured in February.

Reflecting on the pre-wedding jitters, she amusingly remarked, “I couldn’t believe it was all really happening!”

As recounted by the captivating Let’s Get Loud vocalist, “Ben simply said, ‘Forget it, let’s tie the knot in Vegas tonight.'”

Although the enchanting Ain’t Your Mama singer hesitated due to her rehearsal obligations that day, her future husband reassured her that everything would be in order once she finished.

“And true to his word!” exclaimed the alluring Love Don’t Cost A Thing songstress.

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