Diamondback 2014 Clarity 1 Women’s Performance Hybrid Bike Review

Diamondback 2014 Women’s Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike is designed specifically for women who love riding to different places, from around town to lake for a picnic lunch.

Key Specs

Brand: Diamondback

Type: Hybrid

Model: Clarity 1

Gender: Womens

No. of Gears: 21 Gears (3×7)

Brakes: Linear Pull Brakes

Frame Sizes: XS (14″) S (16″) M (18″) L (20″)

Weight: 25.6 pounds

Assembly: Light

Ideal for: Light off road

Price: $444.07 – $456.24* as at July 2014


  • The ride on the bike is smooth and the gears shift easily
  • Due to its light weight, it can easily take on any road bumps
  • Quick releases tires makes changing a flat easy
  • Perfect mix of a road and mountain bike


  • The handlebars of the bike are a little wider for the width of a woman’s shoulders
  • The seat is pre-tightened so much that takes an effort for adjustment
  • Its only in 1 color, dark grey


Diamondback has finally comes up with another new bike in the Clarity series for all women riders who are looking for bicycles with smaller frames and styles that will reflect femininity. If you need something for commuting, training or weekend pleasure rides then 2014 Women’s Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike is the answer to it.

Diamondback 2014 Clarity 1 General Info

Elegant craftsmanship and amazing technology are both used to build this bike which is specially tailored toward women. Clarity 1 comes with butted 6061-T6 Aluminum Clarity Performance Hybrid Frame and an integrated headtube, a hooded/formed top tube and VCS which stands for “vertically compliant stays”. With a blend of good quality components, Shimano provides the 7-Speed Easy Fire shifters, brake levers, bottom bracket, derailleurs and cassette for the bike. This gives you 21 different speed in which you can play with, making any terrain surely achievable to conquer. Each of the components are easily assembled and the four different sizes available suit anyone of any body type. The whole bike weighs in at 25.6 pounds and it can offer a smooth and easy ride around town or even hills.


  • Butted 6061-T6 Aluminum Clarity Performance Hybrid Frame
  • Clarity Integrated Hi Ten Ferrous Aero Straight Blade Fork
  • Shimano Crankset with Integrated Chainguard
  • Shimano Altus Rear Derailleur with 7 Speed Shifters
  • Equation Double Wall Alloy Rims

Key Features

Easily Assembled

The components of the Clarity 1 will be shipped directly to you in a big package, together with the instruction manual to help you assemble your bike. It will usually need about an hour or so to fully set up the bike. However, if you’re not confident, you can always head out to the nearest bike shop to help you assemble the bike.

Smooth Ride

When compared to other bigger, road bicycles with thinner tires, DB’s 2014 Clarity 1 is a lot more smooth in term of its ride. It is aimed toward women who often commute via bike, exercise, train or those who are looking for great recreational bicycle.

Very Sensible

With an oversized 31.8mm low rise alloy handlebar and alloy linear pull brakes that will provide instant stopping, the bike is very sensible to the need of the rider. The seat is pretty comfortable too, although it is pre-tightened at the factor which may make adjustments difficult.

Ride It All Day

A solid structured wheel of 32h Equation R23 Double Wall Alloy Rims provide the capability of riding the bike all-day, even on a mountain trip.

Customer Feedback

When it comes to ratings, Diamondback’s 2014 Women’s Clarity 1 receives 5-stars based on various customer’s feedbacks. Different distributors and online retailers offer a variety of bike frames, therefore, you need to ensure the one that fits you the best according to your own body type. The handlebars of this hybrid bike can be slightly how to order valium from mexico larger on certain people. If you’re in doubt, you can always swap them out.

Some of the customers were having issues such as the pre-tightened seat which was hard to be adjusted. If this happens, the bike shop nearby can always do the job for you and since the bike is mostly assembled, it will not cost you too much. A few parts of the bike can be upgraded easily and for some people, it might take time to get used to the shifting of the gears.


Question: Can the handle bar height position be adjusted?

Answer: Yes. Not by much.

Question: How much assembly is required for this bike?

Answer: Mount handlebars -Install front tire -Mount Seat -Tune Brakes -Install Pedals -True up Wheels Thats about it…You probably should take it to a bike shop to tune it and true it.

Accessories that help

Just like most of the bicycles by the same manufacturer, Diamondback 2014 Women’s Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike does not come with a kickstand. If you feel you’ll need one, grab one with your online purchase so you can install it all at once. Other than that, you might also need to purchase U-Lock and a helmet. Because we know you’ll want to be riding your bike all the time all year round a bike light is a great addition to purchase with your bike. Here’s a great Rechargeable 1200 Lumen Bicycle Light with an unbeatable warranty.

Comparison – 2013 Clarity 1 vs 2014 Clarity 1

Diamondback 2013 Women’s Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike is described as the bike with both convenience and comfort. Both of the models for 2013 and 2014 come with larger diameter of wheels at 700c, oversized 31.8mm handlebar and are aimed for female riders with smaller body types and those who oftenly commute, train or someone who simply needs a nice bicycle ride on weekends.

Four Different Frame Sizes

The 2013 Clarity 1 comes with four different sizes ranging from XS(13″), S(15″), M(17″) and L(19″) while the model of 2014 are available in XS(14″) S(16″) M(18″) L(20″). This could only mean one thing, model of 2014 is specifically designed for female riders of slightly larger body frame and longer legs.

Same Name, Different Color

If you need a more feminine color, Diamondback 2013 Women’s Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike comes in icy blue but the newest version of it in 2014 comes in darker shade, which is more masculine for female riders. The same version in the Men’s style bike (Insight 1) is white, so if the frame size fits you then you can opt for the men’s version.

In Conclusion

Diamondback 2014 Women’s Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike is designed specifically for women who love riding to different places, from around town to lake for a picnic lunch. The manufacturer considers the different heights and weights of female riders and therefore, built the one that is probably suitable to most women out there. Unless you’re just using the bike for an easy and smooth ride, you will need an upgraded version of bike if you want to join an extreme sport or take it off road more (shock and disc brakes are handy here).

Of course, this bike is not considered a professional one because it is crafted for regular people who just want a better experience. You will need to understand the specifications, the pros and the cons of it before you should purchase. But overall, it is a great bike with safety, comfort and convenience. The question is, “Does Diamondback 2014 Women’s Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike live up to the hype?” Well, the answer is “Yes, definitely!”

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