Diamondback 2015 Models Released: Are They New & Improved?

Diamondback have released their 2015 stock and there seems to be some new bikes in the mix this year, plus a few of the older 2013 models have come back with upgrades. We’ll show you in a 2 part series what’s changed and discuss whether these new bikes are worth their new price tags.

2015 Edgewood

If you’re looking for differences between the 2014 and 2015 Edgewood Complete models, you’re not alone. It seems as though Diamondback went ahead and just slapped a new year label on last year’s model of this bike. The 6061-6T Aluminum frame, suspension 63mm travel fork, and Shimano parts with 7 speed shifters mirror each model. Identical rims, deluxe 2-density hybrid saddle, linear brakes and 700 c wheels continue as well. And while one might think 2015 would offer a color change, one would be wrong. Both models are offered in black. While the specs could change or adjust for this year’s model, so far it’s just a repeat of 2014 for the Edgewood Complete.

2015 Interval

The 2015 Interval Complete order valium 10mg Performance Hybrid Bike changed significantly from the 2013 model. The entire frame has been redone. Instead of 2013’s 7005 Alloy Performance Hybrid Geometry Frame, 2015 updates the model with a Carbon Monocoque frame. Forks are still carbon, but the new model tapers for easier control. 2015 also sees an upgrade in derailleurs and larger rims – from the 2013 20f, 24r Aero deep section rims to Equation Aero 24f, 28r. Colors have changed as well from 2013’s gray to 2015’s black option.

Insight Series

2015 Insight 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike only differs from the 2014 model in color. And that’s hardly noticeable at all. Whereas both color options are white, the 2014 model has grey accents, whereas 2015’s accents are blue. And the 2015 Insight 2 again is a mirror image of the 2014 model with a substantial color change. Last year’s model was available in red, while this year’s comes in bright blue.

The 2015 Insight Sti-1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike may have been expected to veer from the 2013 version is significant ways. But once again, DB decided to stick with the tried and true. 6061-T6 Aluminum frame, Aero Straight Blade fork, Suntour Single Ring Crankset, linear pull brakes, double wall alloy rims, and 700c tires are identical. Where the models vary once more are in color options. Whereas the 2013 Insight Sti-1 comes in charcoal gray, the 2015 model is available in a dark grey with white accents. The 2015 model also cut back from 5 seat adjustment options to 4.

The 2015 Insight Sti-8 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike continues on with the best qualities of the 2013 model: Aluminum hybrid frame, Alloy Aero straight blade fork, single gear crank, Shimano 8-speed twist shifter, and double wall alloy rims. But the 2015 model adds on from the Sti-1 and 2013 Sti-8 model in a couple special ways. The 2015 model contains an internal geared hub, and Kenda K – shield puncture resistant tires for more terrain coverage. Color options have also changed from 2013’s mat-black with red and white accents to 2015’s gloss black with white accents.

The 2015 Insight Disc Complete Performance Hybrid Bike once again follows DB’s Insight rules of thumb by mirroring the last year’s model. 6061-T6 aluminum frame, carbon blade fork, and double wall wheels are all the same. The Sram drivetrain with 8 speed shifters allow easy and continuous shifting through 24 speed options. And Avid mechanical disc brakes with 6” rotors ensure a full and complete stop for extra safety. The change is in the paint job, and that’s barely an issue. Both model years are offered in black, but 2015 has a slightly updated accent color.

Trace Series

The Trace Series follows the same rule of thumb with frame, fork, and comfort extras. But the individual models vary based on gear speeds, brake tweaks, and color options. The 2014 and 2015 Trace Complete Dual Sport have a 9 speed Shimano drivetrain, but the 2014 has Tektro disc brakes while the 2015 contains Avid disc brakes with 160mm rotors. Both come in black with different accent colors.

The 2015 Trace Sport Complete Dual Sport Bike and Comp Complete Dual Sport Bikes differ from their predecessors in color. The 2015 Trace Sport Complete Dual Sport Bike is a vivid blue with 8 speed shifters as opposed to last year’s navy blue model.

And the 2015 and 2014 Trace Comp Complete Dual Sport Bikes are practically identical except for the fact that last year’s model has extra accents on the black frame. At this point in the game. DB either needs to step up to the plate and give consumers a real reason to shell out more money for the new models or head back to the drawing board. Of course, the company states all 2015 specs are open to changing at any time, so that may be precisely what they intend on doing.

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