How to customize your smartwatch!

As mentioned in the previous post, the only way that smartwatches will take off, is if they are customizable! Tailoring your watch to match your own style is imperative, and this blog post will go over the ins and outs of making a physical change to your watch by replacing its watch straps.

The majority of popular smart watches support the standard 22mm watch strap sizes, making it very easy to find any style of band. We have a section dedicated to the sales of different forms of watch straps including: Stainless Steel, Matte Black Steel, Colored Nylons, and Colored Silicone. They are priced anywhere from $15 – $25, allowing you to complete your style any way you would like. The Apple Smart watch, however, is a little different. Apple has supported very wide bands of 38mm and 42mm, making it very difficult to use standard, well-supported bands for traditional watches. Fortunately, however, many manufacturers are releasing bands for the Apple Watch and a KickStarter has also been made to fund a 22mm adapter. “Click – The First Watch Band Adapter for Apple Watch!” raised over $213,000 to bring his adapter to the market, allowing a much higher amount of customization with the price as low as possible.

Generally, replacing the watch straps is very easy. Users will need a small, flat tool like a spring bar tool or very small buy valium malaysia flat head screw driver, a clean surface, and patience. There should be a watch lug on the body of the smart watch. On the back of the watch, insert your small tool between the strap and lug to compress it, allowing the side of the bar to pop out. Do this on both sides and be very careful and patient on this step to ensure the tool doesn’t slip out, potentially damaging your hand or the watch.

To install the new strap, simply slide the spring bars into the small holes at the end of the straps. Take one of the straps and put one side of the bar into the hole of the body and use your tool to compress the other side while pushing the strap into the appropriate slot. Once it is correctly placed, pull out the tool, allowing the bar to fully extend thereby securing one strap. Repeat this process on the other side to compete your smart watch strap replacement!

A well-crafted watch band paired with an elegant watch face and a smart watch can really catch the eyes of others. It can easily pull together an outfit and with a variety of available bands and the ease of replacement, using new watch straps can help not only refine your style, but also help gain more support for Smart Watches and the communities surrounding them.

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