How to Improve Our Wireless Network’s Security

Having great security for your wireless network is extremely important, the last thing you want is someone connecting to it and taking sensitive data such as credit card and bank details, and in some cases just putting a password on your wireless network isn’t really enough, specifically if the password is weak or isn’t encrypted well.

In this guide I’ll reveal you ways to improve the security of your wireless network beyond just password safeguarding it.

Change the Default Administrator Password and Username

When you likely to your wireless router’s setup page you’re prompted to get in a username and password. By default, the username and password are typically something like “Admin” for both, or it might possibly not have any password by default.

You’ll absolutely wish to alter this. There should be an alternative in your wireless router’s config page, normally under a section called “Administrator Settings” or something comparable.

Choose a Complicated Password

This chooses both your admin password and the password you make use of to link to your wireless network. The simpler the password, the simpler it is to break.

A great password will certainly have a mixture of letters, numbers and signs, and not have anything to do with the name of your wireless network or username.

Modification the Password File encryption to WPA2

Many wireless routers will certainly have 3 various password encryptions to pick from; WEP, WPA and WPA2. You’ll want to change the file encryption to WPA2 if at all possible as WPA2 is the hardest of the three to split.

If you don’t have WPA2 encryption readily available or you’re using a gadget that can’t connect to it, then WPA will be your next best option. Although WEP is the most convenient of the 3 to break, it’s still better than no encryption at all, so if you don’t have any file encryption then you’ll wish to a minimum of make it possible for WEP.

Enable Logging

Logging is very helpful to track who’s on your wireless network and for how long. When you enable logging, your wireless router will certainly keep text logs on all the activity on your wireless network, which you can access from the config page.

You’ll wish to make use of logging mainly to make certain nobody is connecting to your wireless network that you do not wish to.

Allow the Firewall program

A lot of wireless routers will feature their own firewall software by default, which can be enabled from the config page. You’ll wish to allow the Firewall software on your wireless router as it can considerably enhance the security of your wireless network.

You might also want to install a firewall software onto your computer too for added security.

Disable SSID Broadcasting

Your wireless network’s SSID is the name that you see when you connect to it. It’s possible to disable it so no one can see your wireless network’s SSID typically.

This alternative ought to be readily available on your wireless router’s config page. If you do disable SSID relaying you’ll have to link to your wireless network by manually entering its name when you wish to link to it.

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