A Complete and Honest Azon Authority Review

Is Azon Authority the best tool to create Amazon Affiliate stores and does it really worth my money?

A Complete and Honest Azon Authority Review

Read our comprehensive review, watch our full demonstration and get details of our best price promise and huge and exclusive bonus package.

I am going to put all the in’s and out’s of the product in very very detail and then at the end going to have the honest and comprehensive Azon Authority review and my personal thoughts on the product on the basis of my few months experiences. If you wanted to skip rest of the details and want to read the review scroll down to the end.

Product Overview:

Product Name: Azon Authority

Official Website: http://azonauthority.com

Creators: Sean Donahoe

Date Of Launch: 4/2/2015

Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $67 – $97

Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (No questions asked)

Support: Instant

Upsells & OTO’s: Yes, 2 Upsells

Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Copies Sold: 8,500 Pieces Sold (Update: 10/27/2015

What is Azon Authority?

Azon Authority is a WordPress theme which allows you to create a very powerful, profitable and completely autopilot Amazon Affiliate Store just in matter of an hour or two. This powerful tool has very advance features through which you can set a criteria for the product you would like to see in your store in Azon Authority backend and it will grab them all from Amazon to your store front end just in one go and that too with your affiliate link there.

And when visitors come to your store they browse around, select their favorite products checkout within your store. Now here is the thing. When the checkout in your store if they buy that product anytime in next 90 days you get the commission. Isn’t this amazing?

What was the Idea behind Azon Authority and what problem is it solving?

Not every marketer and the specially the affiliate ones are good at coding and if by any chance they are they don’t really love it. You might have been using many other plugins and WordPress themes to sale Amazon products as affiliates but they are not always very advance and have some great features.

Azon Authority is developed while keeping this in mind to offer the Amazon Affiliates a powerful to develop a beautiful yet high converting store having all that features you always needed.

Alright! Tell me about the Features?

Now this is what you should seriously look into while considering this product infect any product. Have a look at these amazing features and see if it is what you need. That’s what I always do!

Access to 256+ Million Products in Amazon that pays you an Affiliate commission

Amazon is the kind of E-Commerce having 256+ million products available for sale. When you want to target a big market like home improvement, Software, Internet Marketing or a very specific niche like Luxury Watches, Tread Mills or something you can grab the products within that niche meets your criteria just in one go.

Advance Product Finding Features at Azon Backend that grab it from Amazon API

Alright so this is what you do. You go to the Azon Authority Backend select your relevant category, set the criteria may it be best seller, products in your category in a specific price range or just anything. Set your criteria and Azon Authority will grab all that products using Amazon API and you see it in your campaign and later put it up to your store front end in one go.

Campaign Management with SmartSync Technology to keep your Store Fresh.

Tracking your stats is very important to change your strategy accordingly. Azon Authority gives you a complete control over your campaign management and you see all statistics to adjust accordingly.

You can checkout your dashboard anytime to see real-time statistics for your store’s activity including summaries.

Tap Into International Markets with Automatic Translation of Your Store into 92 Languages:

Azon Authority automatically translates your website in more then 92 languages and visitors can select any language from the homepage. Why limit yourself to only one language when you allow your users to browse it in the one they better understand?

Not only that, Google indexes your website in all that 92 languages. Do you see the power?

Developed for WordPress:

You can use Azon Authority with any WordPress theme but you get one theme by default.

Integrated Amazon Deal Hunter:

Think of the 256+ million products and a lot of them having some amazing deals daily. You don’t want your customers to miss that out and increase your conversions. Azon Authority does have an Amazon Deal Hunter integrated in it. Again you set your criteria to the deals in your niche you want to pull to your store.

Built-in Amazon Keyword Search Engine:

This awesome features allow you to search on the basis of keywords in amazon store and you can make the best decisions accordingly.

100% SEO Optimized

Azon Authority is developed keeping SEO in mind and some very powerful features are there which help you rank on all those major search engines including Google much more easily.

Profit Builder Lite – The Amazing Drag and Drop tool for WordPress – Free

Profit Builder Lite comes free with Azon Authority which you can use to drag and drop and customize your store front end.

Product Pages are Conversion Rate Optimized

The Product Pages are developed keeping the user behavior in mind that helps you get much better conversion.

Automated Re-targeting Campaigns to Sales & 90 Day Affiliate Cookies:

When visitors browse around and checkout the products they would like to purchase within your store and for example they don’t buy at that time. The product and cookies automatically get saved in Amazon. Amazon then goes to next level and re target that with Facebook and other ads and if they purchase that product anytime in next 90 days. Guess what? You get the affiliate commission!

Real-time Statistics and Summaries

Azon Authority backend shows you real-time statistics and summaries of your store visitors. You can check your most clicked products, most popular products, most sold products etc. These statistics are enough to build a solid strategy and customize your stores accordingly for better conversions.

Automated Geo-Targeting

It does have a buit-in Automated Geo Targeting robot which makes your visitors lands on the Amazon portal of their country. This makes things much more easier for the user and increases the chances of sales. All you would have to do is to sign up to the Amazon regional portal affiliate programs and that’s a one-time effort.

Product Description Spinner

It has a Product description spinner which automatically picks the product’s description from affiliate site, spin it and put there with your product on your store. That keep the content unique and fresh which Google loves.

Every Store is 100% Mobile Optimized

The title says it all and I am sure you know it’s importance.

How much does it cost?

Single Site Pack – $67

You can create only 1 site with this pack. The usual price of this pack is $147 but they are offering it for $67 only for a limited time.

Multi-Site Pack $97

You can set up to 10 sites with this pack. The usual price of this pack is $197 but they are offering it for $97 only for a limited time.

Professional – $97.67

You can create UNLIMITED sites with Professional pack. The usual price of this pack is $297 but they are offering it for $97.67 only for a limited time.

The Azon Authority Process!

Who is this Product Aimed at?

Of course Azon Authority is not for everyone but anyone out there who can invest time and some hard work to make real money online.

  •     AFFILIATE Marketers
  •     NETWORK Marketers
  •     VIDEO Marketers
  •     Amazon Marketers
  •     Email Marketers
  •     Beginners
  •     Bloggers
  •     Product Reviewers
  •     Online Marketers
  •     Offline Marketers

Show me some Demo Websites?

When I was purchasing I went through these demo websites in very detailed and have an idea how my website would be looking like. I would recommend that too. Some demo website below.

Azon Authority Review – My Honest Thoughts!

Alright. I assume most of you have came here to check out some honest Azon Authority Reviews before you make a decision. We call this consideration stage 😉 Let me be very honest here and share my thoughts on this product after using it for a couple of niche Amazon affiliate sites I have developed.

I have been considering Amazon Affiliate program for a while but never got chance to work on that but this was something I defiantly wanted to try out.I knew the niche I am very enthusiastic about I had everything but the store development was a pain in the ass.

I got chance to have a look at Azon Authority official website which you can see here. The landing page was way too salesy and I am too smart to fall for that and wanted to checkout the actual features Azon Authority have and see if they can really of some use for me and can save my time. Anyways, I purchased the product.

The tool is very very user friendly and easy to understand. The training material is very comprehensive and detailed keeping the not-so-techies guys out there. At top of the all the features are very advanced and you can customize your store pretty much. I won’t say this is perfect. You will read more about this in the below con’s section. Ok! Comparing it with the other similar tools out there it gives you much  more control on what products you want to grab from Amazon and see on the front store. You can search and grab on the basis of categories (Amazon have), keywords, price range and what not. The statistics and summaries are great too but that sometimes takes a lot of time to load and I am not sure how accurate that is but honestly statistics is not always accurate like Google Analytics and Webmaster tool lol 😉

Product page is something is designed well. I like the adjustments and stuff and you can grab reviews of the products on Amazon and if the reviews are good that increase your conversions BUT… You can customize this product page a lot. I can think of a lot of more sections I would like to see on that page but I can’t take it down for this one. The way it currently is will do a fine job.

Azon Authority Review Positives

Each of the Add to card button is cookied for 90 days with your Amazon Affiliate link this means if the visitor buys that product anytime in  next 90 days you get a commission.

The plugin supports text spinners  like Spin Rewriter, The Test Spinner, and Word Ai. This means that the text on your site can be made more unique and rank better in the search engines.

You can search products in a specific price range and grab them to your store. You might don’t want to promote that cheap one which will give you a very small commission. Right?

Best Deal Finder is the real goldmine which automatically finds all the products having a specific discount for you are looking for 10% discount and about. It will put a list of all of them and you can choose between them or push them all to the store.

ASIN Grabber will allow you to add a list of ASIN numbers of the Amazon products to your store

Preview products before you add them to your site

It’s an all in one and gives you everything you need to get your job done that is the development of the store. Usually these types of products are recurring but this one is not. You would have to pay a onetime price and can use it for life.

30 days money back guarantee and that too a no question asked. No doubt this is a no brainier and it really isn’t very easy to make an offer like this. The creators of the products have to be very confident on their product to offer this.

Azon Authority Review Negatives

You would have to install WooCommerce plugin. Although this is free and would take a few minutes but still you should know and they should have probably mentioned this on their website.

The product page could have much more section and I should have been able to customize it even more. This simple one will do a fine job like mentioned above but Sean might want to work on it more. I emailed him about this one.


Looking at the broader picture this totally worth it. In a $97 you get a tool which allows you to create UNLIMITED Amazon Affiliate stores with some great features. You can find products you want to promote on the basis of the criteria you set. You can customize your store as much as you want. There are detailed videos out there in OTO’s in case you purchase the OTO. This solves my problem of developing the stores or paying out to someone out there and do it for me. All you and I would have to focus on now is the marketing side. Although there is a training video out there for the marketing side too but that didn’t make sense to me and I would probably be trying something else.

Coming back to the product. I loved it and I would recommend it to anyone out there.

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