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I am Using the LinksManagement Backlinks Platform Past 5 Months and It’s Doing Amazing Job

The LinksManagement is very effective, but we should know “How to use LinksManagement precisely?” which is a very crucial. When you get this thing, you can rank and bank. This is one of the finest link building platforms I used in past three years. Check the Links Management Review to know more about it.

Why is Off Page SEO Essential as ON Page?

Search Engine Optimization is very crucial part to rank our web property on Google, Yahoo, Bing even on Yandex these days. As we know that Off Page SEO is important but we should also focus on the ON Page SEO as well which becomes the priority of the Search Engines. Before going forward, I want to discuss some unique things that I am doing in my ON Page, which gives me a very better result, and I think you should try this:

  • Unique Design of your website: I am doing affiliate from past six months and putting 100’s of the review site live. But I was doing something wrong that others are doing by putting a single page or 2-5 page website with static looks. I am not saying that thing does not perform well but when I moved to the Dynamic and Unique Creative Design even my competitor as well the product owner can not think of after that I just start getting a very awesome conversion as well better ranking on the Search Engines.
  • Other Essential Points: Everyone knows about the ON Page SEO stuff as many of the top notch bloggers and SEO consultants talks about that you should follow them, I prefer Neil Patel and Search Engine Land for that.

Here the key point was to inform that do some creative stuff always so Google and User both like and enjoy whenever they surf your website.

Off Page, is the spine of the SEO it is the crucial part. Backlinks give priority to our web property among the other to rise on the search engine pages if they are taken from the suitable place or sometimes these are naturally built. This happens when we have rich content, and we promoted it very well. But it is very hard and difficult to do.

When we have backlinks from other sites, this sign that our website has some value over another site those who do not have backlinks or low-quality links as compared to us.

What is LinksManagement Actually?

Finding relevant links for our web property is tough and risky sometimes. So Links Management is the online web portal where you can get backlinks from more than 8,000,000 links list. Having a very wide variety of the niches from health to business. This online platform has all the things you need for your Off Page Linking of the website. The links from here help in to increase the reputation of the site as well give a boost up in the rankings as well.

Why had the Links Management?

Links Management is very modern and useful platform to get the backlink in just minutes. Personally, when I need the backlinks for my new niche website I just log into this online tool and order some the relevant backlinks from there and the result is that my site gets a boost in the rankings.

Here some extra features and tools which are provided by the platform:

  • SEO Expert: You will get an SEO Expert of your own who will help you out to get the backlinks from the big list. He/She will provide you the relevant information so you can get easily out rank your competitor in small couple amount of time. It’s your choice that you should go with his/her advice or not as this service is provided for free by the Links Management.
  • SEO Calculator: It finds out how many links you need, how much they will cost and how much time it will take for you to get on Google Top 10 for your keywords. You’ll get a detailed report, based on the comprehensive SEO analysis. This all-in-one SEO pricing guide builds cost-effective SEO and directly turns your expenses to profit.
  • SEO Mistakes (*My Favourite): The FREE PDF report can save you around $11,700 telling how to avoid 11 the most harmful, dangerous and expensive SEO mistakes. Value your time and money – download this report and be aware of the risks that can ruin your business.

How Links Management Works?

Links Management have two options for the users one is for the Link Buyers, and another is for Link Sellers. Thousand of the site and blog owners register on this platform to earn money via giving backlinks from their web property. Before that, they have to register their self, and the platform verifies them they are real or not. After that, the seller registers their website links, and the support team check those links are of quality and relevant or not. When any website passes the test, that is listed in the directory of the links in the panel. Having a very wide niche related links from health to business to can get any links you want.

Buying time, when a person intends to place any order for getting the links for his/her website. He/She go to the website and Sign Up thereafter that they will see the huge list of links and select the relevant sites where they want to put their website or blog links and after selecting those websites. We have to make the payment for the period according to our desire and when we make the payment in just 2-4 days the links are placed on the website.

*Success Full Case Studies

Here are some case studies of the customers who used the Links Management to rank their website in the Top 10 position of the Google and in other Search Engines.

Links Management Features

The Features are very relevant, and these useful features help their client to analysis the competition as well rank faster in the Google and other search engines.

An Enormous Hidden Inventory

The Links Management has a huge inventory of the PR0 to PR8 website that you can obtain links from. This makes sure that no 3rd parties will ever get access to those websites and will never ever find out about the links, that were acquired on their websites by their customers.

Website Preview

I have used to get the backlinks, you can actually view the website and your buy valium walgreens link will appear on. In fact, LM go to the effort of linking to the exact page so you can run it through the SEO Moz Open Site Explorer yourself which is very good thing for the users of the Links Management.

Here are some vital features which make Links Management more attractive.

  • Surrounded with 500 characters
  • NOT site-wide
  • NOT blog comments or forum posts
  • Placed manually
  • Low outbound links (<10)
  • On actual PR pages (PR1-PR8)
  • 20,000 different website owners
  • Full control over the links
  • From $1 per link
  • Real, active websites w/ traffic
  • 100% of pages in Google cache
  • Unique C-Class IPs / location
  • 100% of pages with real PR
  • See backlink page before you pay
  • USA, UK, CA, AU & EU
  • Do-follow links indexed by Google
  • 100% SEO friendly & natural for Google
  • From relevant web pages

How to Use Links Management?

Using the LinksManagement is very straightforward and quick. Here I am explaining to the step by step guide that How I Use the Links Management to get the best backlinks at an affordable price to rank and bank.

Step1: You have to Sign Up on the LP go to this link and get $50 credit. Link

Step2: After that Click on the Login button and fill up your Email Address and Password in the boxes.

Step3: You will be redirected to the Dashboard of the Links Management Software, and you will see like this.

Step4: Now here the main game starts First you have to do some setting in the filter option. Select the niche category of your website then enter page rank you want from where to where more the page rank more the price you have to pay.

Step5: The Advance Setting, which is the very useful option, Click on the Advanced and a drop down will appear now select the region in which you want to rank your website because taking backlinks from those geolocation website’s rank faster.

Step6: The next thing is the Domain Authority and the Page Authority well both of these metrics means that if the blog or website has quality backlinks from the relevant sites from which you are getting links will show the number of the DA and PA.

Step7: Another important thing is the OBL(Out Bound Links) which means how many links are placed on the website or the page from where you are getting the backlinks. More the OBL less the link juice will pass to your blog. So keep in note that you have to get backlinks from those places where less the number of links are placed. Another interesting option I focus on the Placement Percentage, which tells that which domain is placing link faster, and I think you should go with that one.

Step8: Select the Best Offers first and Click on Search Button. You will get the filtered result in below.

Step9: Now the crucial point is that you have to pick up any website which suits your desires and then go to the backlink checker tools like Ahrefs or Majestic if you do not have one any worry both of them give some free trails. Now check the website backlinks and anchor text ratio. If those seem to be legit, then go for them.

Note: Always Check the website properly from where you are getting the links it is very important and do not order a lot of links in a single amount of time. They can also hurt your ranking so do it slowly.

**Check Out the Video for more

Know About the Link Quality of LP

The LP Links Quality are awesome as all the links are provided from the quality websites which is very relevant for the user and Search Engine as well.

100% Money Back Guarantee From Links Management

The LP provide 100% Money Back Guarantee, which is a good thing but from the personal experience. I think you should face this thing because the service is very relevant.

  1. They guarantee 100% refund of your funds used to purchase a link if this link was not successfully installed on the publisher website for any reason within five days.
  2. They guarantee 100% refund of your funds used to purchase a link if you cancel this link within five days after link installation.
  3. They guarantee 100% refund of your funds used to buy a link if the backlink page where the link was placed is removed from Google index.
  4. Top 10 Rankings Money Back Guarantee: if you follow their rules for On-page and off-page SEO, and don’t achieve the Top 10 rankings on Google using their backlinks, you’ll get a refund.
  5. They guarantee that permanent links will stay alive for minimum six months.
  6. They promise that in case if the backlink page PageRank changes (decreases or increases), your price for the link on this page will be automatically changed as well (respectively – decreased or increased) at the beginning of the next billing period. Learn more about automatic price change algorithm.
  7. You’d get a partial refund for the unused period if the successfully placed link was later removed by the publisher and not recovered within ten days.
  8. They guarantee that the PR of the backlink pages in our Buy Links inventory corresponds to the one shown by Google through Google PageRank Toolbar.
  9. They guarantee that your links will be placed only on pages which are indexed by Google.
  10. They guarantee that the backlink page where your link is placed won’t have such attributes as “to index” or “no follow”.
  11. They guarantee to remove any unwanted links on your first request.

For More about the Terms and Condition Visit here.

My Final LinksManagement Review (Verdict)

I am using the LP from past five months and in that short time of period, I ranked over 40+ sites by using this platform. The best thing is now I only have to worry about the website design and content. The Off Page becomes very simple, but it needs money. So how much money I spend ” After doing a good research I just only spend around $40-$50 to rank one my keyword, but you need a right and proper research of the keywords to rank.” The Final Review of the LinksManagement is that this is the best place to get links at the price of $3-$4 of having DA, PA more than 20+ with good quality.

I will give a pick but after choosing the website always do the double check of that website from which you are getting the links.

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