Know 7 Tips to Keep Keeping teeth white with Easy

A smile is the easiest way you do when you meet a friend. Through the language of your smile can be an expression of happy and excited, but what would happen if you are not white teeth again. Color white teeth that had been turned back into a yellowish. Obviously this will bother you when you meet with them. Make white teeth quickly it can be done, but if it was related to the cost of expensive if you want to?

Responding to actually keep your teeth stay white like?

Tips on how to easily keep the teeth to stay white

1. Active brushing and replace toothbrush regularly

The first thing to consider in keeping teeth white is actively brushing teeth at least two times a day. Choose toothpaste that contains bleach. Toothpaste that claims as teeth whitening generally contain laxative ingredients that function removes stains on teeth and plated so it looks brighter. Although in general whitening toothpaste with this type is relatively safe to use every day. However, the use of too often can risk damaging tooth enamel.

Also try to replace toothbrush regularly. Ideally, you should replace a toothbrush maximum of four months. Despite that I recommend every three months your toothbrush has changed.

2. Avoid foods or drinks that damage tooth color

If you still crave the color of the teeth white and clean then try to avoid or reduce foods or beverages can damage tooth color. Most of them are tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, wine, candy, sauce, and soy sauce.

All of these things make the teeth become turbid and change the natural color of teeth. If you expect to keep teeth white, then do from now because it is very influential in the color of your teeth active even after brushing your teeth. Also, avoid smoking habit that could potentially change the natural color of teeth and damage dental health.

3. Frequent gargling

Although gargle is common. However, in reality gargling can help keep teeth clean. This is because all the remaining buy phentermine usa food in the tooth gap can be lost or diminished when gargling with strong. Therefore, make sure you gargle more often. You can try to gargle with plain water or apple vinegar water.

4. Consumption of foods for teeth cleaning

Another important factor in maintaining the condition of teeth white and clean is to consume foods that can clean teeth. There are many options that you can consume foods include apples, pears, raw carrots, celery, and others. Live you prefer to consume which. Ok!

5. Baking soda

In fact you can use baking soda to remove stains on the teeth. So do not be surprised if a lot of people who do. Its use itself can be said is almost the same as when you brush your teeth with toothpaste. If completed correctly please gargling with clean water.

6. Clean your tongue

To keep your teeth stay clean and white, then you also have to clean the tongue. Therefore, clean the tongue of all kinds of leftovers that are not visible because the tongue is often in contact with teeth, the effect of dirty tongue can make dirty teeth. If your tongue there are substances that damage the tooth color, how? Therefore, you should consider the cleanliness of the tongue to maintain permanent teeth clean and white.

7. Check to the dentist regularly

A series of processes to keep teeth white color you already know. Then, the next step is to check your dental health to the doctor regularly. Ideally you check every six months. You can consult regarding any problems or complaints about the teeth that can be examined and appropriate measures to overcome them.

In conclusion, although the dental hygiene is a complicated reality it is very good for the teeth. Treat your teeth and mouth properly and provide the best nutrition for your teeth and can help keep your teeth healthier, cleaner and certainly more white. So what are you waiting for?

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