Paradise City by Archer Mayor – Book Review

Paradise City by Archer Mayor – Book Summary

For all those, like me, who love reading detective novels, Archer Mayor is a name to reckon with and his Joe Gunther featuring books are the best of the lot. I read the last one, The Tag Man, sometime last year so was really looking forward to this 23rd Joe Gunther novel, Paradise City by Archer Mayor.

Although Paradise City reads as a police procedural, the truth is that it’s much more than just that. Not only does it have some memorable characters that have been conceived and drawn out quite skillfully, they are also the unlikeliest set of character you’ll ever meet. The book opens bang in the middle of a robbery followed by an unfortunate murder and from there on, takes you on a roller coaster ride of riddling clues, daring escapes and long lost treasure!

All in all a highly entertaining novel from Archer who is slowly making this genre his own!

Below is a short summary of this new book by Archer Mayor:

“Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation are alerted to a string of unrelated burglaries across Vermont. Someone, in addition to flat screens, computers, and stereos, has also been stealing antiques and jewelry.

Meanwhile, in Boston, an elderly woman surprises some thieves in her Beacon Hill home and is viciously murdered. The Boston police find that not only is the loot similar to what’s being stolen in Vermont, but it may have the same destination. Word is out that someone powerful is purchasing these particular kinds of items in the “Paradise City” of Northampton, Mass.

Gunther, the Boston Police, and the vengeful niece of the murdered old lady convene on Northampton, eager to get to the bottom of the mystery and find the “responsible parties” – although each is motivated to mete out some very different penalties…

Thus begins the thrilling tale of Paradise City by Archer Mayor…”

Archer Mayor is already a well known author and I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of him before. His Gunther series (Paradise City is the 23rd Joe Gunther novel) of detective novels has been described by the media as “the best police procedurals being written in America” and he has several awards to his credit.

Paradise City by Archer Mayor – Release Date of the Book

I always look forward to a good novel and so was the case with Paradise City by Archer Mayor. For all you people out there who’re looking to buy this book, this has already been released and is available at various online bookstores from October 2nd, 2012

Even though it’s available at almost all the major bookstores, however, my suggestion would be to buy this from online retailers because of the huge discounts they offer.

Paradise City by Archer Mayor – Praise for the Book

There’s already been a lot of praise about this new Archer Mayor novel:

“I have read all of the Joe Gunther books and enjoyed everyone…”

“Paradise City by Archer Mayor…What is remarkable to me is how real all of the characters are”

“…The story-line is fast-paced with Neanderthal Kunkle bringing humor to the exciting whodunit. Readers will enjoy fast-paced Paradise City”

“Mayor is a reliable storyteller who has found his niche in the police procedural, protagonist Joe Gunther…”

“Loved the plot of Paradise City by Archer Mayor…fabulous!”

Click Here to read more such customer reviews on this latest Mayor novel that is grabbing headlines!

Paradise City by Archer Mayor – Price and Best Place to Buy

Paradise City by Archer Mayor has been well received by critics and readers alike and is slowly climbing all the bestseller lists thanks to its well written and fast paced plot. So for all those looking to buy this book, I would recommend that you order your copy from online retailers like Amazon which is offering a huge 40% Discount on this book.

I’ve always ordered books from Amazon and have never faced any sort of problem; moreover I always get the best price as well as their exceptional speed of delivery. So my suggestion would be to buy your copy of Paradise City by Archer Mayor, before this amazing sale ends.

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