Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding – Advance Book Review

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding – Book Summary

We all love a good thriller and one author whose books really live up to their expectations in this genre is Joy Fielding. I’ve read a lot of her books so when I found out that her new novel, Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding, was soon going to be out in the market, I did my best to find out all about it!

Below is a short summary and synopsis of this new Joy Fielding novel:

“There’s something deadly lurking in the shadows at Shadow Creek . . .

Due to a last-minute change in plans, a group of unlikely traveling companions finds themselves on a camping trip in the Adirondacks. They include the soon-to-be-divorced Valerie; her oddball friends, Melissa and James; her moody teenage daughter, Brianne; and Val’s estranged husband’s fiancée, Jennifer. Val is dealing with unresolved feelings toward her ex and grappling with jealousy and resentment toward his younger, prettier new flame, a woman with some serious issues of her own. Brianne is sixteen and openly rebellious, caught up in a web of secrets and lies.

What Val and her companions don’t know is that a pair of crazed killers is wreaking havoc in the very same woods. When an elderly couple is found slaughtered and Brianne goes missing, Val finds herself in a nightmare much worse than anything she could have anticipated. She was half-expecting it to be the trip from hell, but what she never could have predicted was that this impromptu little excursion…”

For all those not aware of the author, Joy Fielding is already a well-established author and has several New York Times bestsellers to her name such as Still Life, Charley’s Web and Heartstopper to name a few!

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding – Release Date of the Book

It’s finally official now! Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding is now going be released on the 4th of December, 2012 which means that there’s just a few months to go for the launch of this book.

A lot of online retailers have already begun offering this book as part of their pre-order packages such as Amazon which are also offering a pre-order price guarantee on this book. To know more about Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee, please Click Here

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding – Praise for the Book

There’s quite a buzz in online forums about this Joy Fielding book:

“Fascinating, heartbreaking…a thrilling mystery that will keep you up all night”

“Fielding succeeds in creating a winning heroine…”

“I’m a huge fan: Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding is creepy and explore the darker aspects of human nature”

“A killers-in-the-wilderness book from Fielding”

“Brilliant…loved every bit of Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding …”

Click Here to read more such customer reviews on Joy Fielding’s latest masterpiece.

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding – Price and Best Place to Buy

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding looks like a potential bestseller to me and already it’s generating a lot of buzz among book enthusiasts in various online forums. You can also now pre-order your copy of this book from online retailers like Amazon which is offering a huge 44% Discount on this book.

And yes, it comes with Amazon’s famed pre-order price guarantee which means that even if the price of this book increases, you’ll still get your copy at the price you ordered.

I’ve never had any problems while ordering books from Amazon and always get the best price as well as their exceptional speed of delivery. So my suggestion would be to buy your copy of Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding, before this amazing sale ends.

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding – Book Trailer

Although there’s no book trailer of Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding but you can watch this author interview from Goodreads below:

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