Swatch’s New Smartwatch Battery

As the technology that goes into mobile devices increases, it makes sense that the battery life would increase too, as consumers want to use their devices for longer and longer each year. Smartwatches are a relatively new device on the tech market, so their battery lives are still short. The best watches hover around the span of a day, which can be a problem if you aren’t in an area with an outlet or charger. To remedy this, many companies have been working on a new smartwatch battery, but Swatch is the current leader in the field.

Swatch, a Swiss company, is a major player in the watch market. In the smartwatch world they are outshone by Samsung, LG, and Apple, but they are still leading the research on smartwatch batteries. Their goal is a six month resting battery life for their watches, done with their very own “super-battery.” Their research team at Belenos and the battery manufacturer Renata are working on this super-battery, which would drastically change and most likely catapult Swatch to the top of the smartwatch market.

This battery is Swatch’s ticket to the big time in the market, as it would make their products much more desirable to consumers. Stepping onto the stage with huge industries like Samsung and Apple is a bold move, but with the super-battery it becomes a very intelligent power play. When businesses make their move into a more successful standing, they should have a great product to back it up, and Swatch has a plan to do exactly NYGoodHealth that.

With a planned release sometime in 2016, this battery and Swatch’s accompanying smartwatches will likely garner huge sales. Their watches are highly specialized, with a recently announced beach volleyball smartwatch. This slightly niche market will affect sales when the watches are released, but that should be overshadowed by the success of the battery.

The new super-battery will revolutionize the smartwatch industry, but it will also have an effect on the automotive industry. Swatch plans to develop their battery for watches and cars, as a battery with that power would have applications in both those areas. Following this, the battery may be modified to fit in phones, laptops, and other mobile devices in order to increase their battery life as well. This could cause major growth for Swatch, and could change its structure from a watch company to a watch and battery company.

In conclusion, Swatch’s new battery will be a benefit for all sides of the smartwatch field. With a longer battery life, the bane of smartwatches will be removed, drawing more people to buy smartwatches from all companies. If Swatch spreads their battery around, it could inspire further advances in the battery life industry, meaning that smartwatches will have longer and longer battery lives, not to mention the scores of other devices that would be improved by this technology. It matters not that the battery is developed by only one, with time it will spread to all.

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