Top Sat Nav from TomTom

6-inch High Resolution Display

99% UK Road and Motorway Coverage

Responsive Touch Screen

3D Landmarks and Buildings feature

Free maps forever


The next sat nav we will be reviewing is a new flagship from a trusted brand TomTom GO 6000. Like any other modern sat nav, GO 6000 comes with maps for 45 European countries and of course you get lifetime updates for free. This device has a very sleek design on the outside and a new stylish menu on the inside. You can also benefit from the lifetime traffic information which is provided by a built-in simcard for mobile data.

The sat nav is of a very nice size and offers a bright 6-inch touch screen display. TomTom has also equipped this model with a wi-fi transmitter which can be used to pair with your smartphone. This is used to get data from Mobile for even more accuracy and traffic information.


Once you purchase this device, you won’t need to spend any more on the updates and maps. The device also has a speed camera locations function but sadly only for 3 months. After that, you can prolong the service for £19.99 a year. This is a great feature if you drive mostly on highways where it can be a bit difficult to keep track of your speed. And with current laws on speeding, you sure as hell wouldn’t want to be caught by a speed cam.

Another new feature on this device is 3D maps. This will allow you to see most landmarks in a beautiful 3D map. This makes it very easy to orientate if you are not so good on reading maps. TomTom’s map share functionality allows you to get the most recent maps that are submitted by users and verified. Whenever you are turning at some junction, TomTom show a beautiful 3D layout of the junction and advises you which lane to take. If you are new on the roads, this feature will help you avoid trouble. Of course, as any other modern sat nav, TomTom Go 6000 comes with plenty of Places of Interest loaded, such as local shops, restaurants and petrol stations.

It goes without saying, that a decent sat nav must have a great screen. And TomTom have done a great job in this area. The resolution is very high and the contrast ratio is great, which enables you to see clearly even under direct sunlight.

When you look at the devices that were manufactured a couple of years back, there are many issues. And the main on was that all of them come with a unique charging cable. The cable is very expensive to replace if you damage it or lose it. But with Go 6000 you can forget about those problems as it comes with a standard MicroUSB port, which means you could even use the charger of your phone to charge it.

As you can see on the image above, the new modern menu of this sat nav is just awesome. Instead of small texts and difficult to navigate menus you get a completely unique icon-driven menu which kind of looks like a menu from a smartphone. And to call up the menu is easier than ever, just tap the screen.


  • Traffic information for life
  • Free map updates forever
  • Very fast CPU
  • New menu interface


  • £19.99 a year for speed camera information


This is a very nice device, that can be used right out of the box. The touch screen is large and very responsive, just tap-tap and you are at your destination. Overall, the device is great whether you drive a car or a truck. If you want easy-to-understand directions, then think no more, get yourself TomTom GO 6000 from Amazon now!

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