They Disappeared by Rick Mofina – Book Review

They Disappeared by Rick Mofina – Book Summary

We all love a good thriller novel and thanks to Rick Mofina’s last one, Vengeance Road, I was quite looking forward to the latest offering, They Disappeared by Rick Mofina. I managed to get my hand on this one last weekend and all in all, it proved to be a nice read.

The plot outline is simple enough. A family on a dream holiday to New York which goes terribly wrong when the protagonist’s (Jeff Griffin) wife and son go missing. It’s worse when the police don’t believe you thanks to your domestic quarrels. And it gets even worse when you realize that Sarah (the wife) and Cole (the son) could be unwilling participants in a major terrorist plan!

To be honest, the ending was pretty predictable but all in all, it’s not a bad novel to read on a weekend. Thanks to the author’s background in crime reporting, the language and research seems pretty much in depth and the fast pace will definitely keep you reading page after page.

Below is a short summary of this Rick Mofina novel:

“A loving family, fracturing under pressure…

Jeff Griffin, a mechanic, and his wife, Sarah, travel from Montana to Manhattan to give their nine-year-old son, Cole, his dream vacation as they secretly face the heart-wrenching turmoil that has them teetering on divorce.

In the wake of their heartbreak, a mother and son disappear…

While sightseeing near Times Square, Jeff steps into a store to buy batteries for their camera—but upon returning to the street he finds that Sarah and Cole have vanished.

A frantic father searches for clues as time ticks down…

Battling his anguish and police suspicions, Jeff fights to rescue Sarah and Cole. He knows now that the love he and Sarah have is worth saving. But he could lose the chance to tell her amid growing fears that they have become entangled in an unfolding plot that could have global consequences…”

Rick Mofina is already an acclaimed author and has several bestselling novels to his name but his expertise lies in writing gripping crime novels thanks to his background as a former crime news reporter. For more information please visit

They Disappeared by Rick Mofina – Release Date of the Book

There’s good news for all those buy xanax in korea looking to grab their copies of They Disappeared by Rick Mofina because this book has already been released last month (September 2012) and is available at various online bookstores such as Amazon and B&N.

It’s also available at almost all the major offline bookstores; however, my suggestion would be to buy this from online retailers because of the huge discounts they offer.

They Disappeared by Rick Mofina – Praise for the Book

A lot of people are praising this new Mofina novel:

  • “I consider this novel, They Disappeared by Rick Mofina, to be a non-stop suspense-filled action drama”
  • “Rick Mofina has done it again with his latest novel, They Disappeared!”
  • “I had a hard time putting this book down…”
  • “Rick Mofina draws on his experience as a news reporter to bring the reader thrillers such as this one…”
  • “They Disappeared by Rick Mofina has all the elements of a rapid-fire thriller… It’s hard to put down once you start”

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They Disappeared by Rick Mofina – Price and Best Place to Buy

They Disappeared by Rick Mofina has received some great reviews by critics and readers alike and is slowly climbing all the bestseller lists thanks mainly to its explosive and fast paced plot. So for all those looking to buy this book, I would recommend that you order your copy from online retailers like Amazon which is offering a nice deal on this book.

I’ve always ordered books from Amazon and have never faced any sort of problem; moreover I always get the best price as well as their exceptional speed of delivery. So I would definitely suggest that you buy your copy of They Disappeared by Rick Mofina, before this amazing sale ends.

They Disappeared by Rick Mofina – Book Trailer

There’s no book trailer of They Disappeared by Rick Mofina as of now but you can see this nice Rick Mofina interview special:

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